Jumping castles in Penrith facts

Air-filled and rubber rides are getting more and more popular in Australia recently. The inflatable rides and obstacles are energizing components that more and more people are incorporating in their corporate functions, school activities, weddings, and other group or family gatherings. These bouncy rides are fantastic for building bonds among kids and can be the perfect accessory for unforgettable memories. If within the vicinity, hire one of the best by getting the much sought jumping castles Penrith.

From its usual domain inside malls, the jumping castles Penrith can be readily hired for use in any private residence. Indoor and outdoor sites would do as long as the surface is flat and has enough spare room from any direct contact with trees or walls. Approximately half a meter is needed as space between the bouncy rides and the nearest object. The helpful staff from any of these companies would be more than willing to inspect the site for free.

There are also plenty of choices for customers when it comes to sizes. The size ranges from mini to large combos. Getting the biggest one would be beneficial for children of all ages and can accommodate well up to a dozen kids in a single instance. Overall weight is also considered when kids are inside the inflatable. Again, the hired staff would be ever helpful in giving free instructions regarding the crowd and their ages that should occupy the jumping castles Penrith at the same time.

For some help during inclement weather outdoors, the bouncy rides are equipped with rain covers. To be sure though, the cover is not completely waterproof due to the rides’ shape, especially the slide. The electronic gadgets are also fitted and designed to eliminate the risk of electric shock. In the event of a hot and sunny day, there are parts of the rubber that would become hot. Wearing socks would easily solve the problem though. Should organizers decide to cancel the booking, they can do so free of charge if done early in the morning of the scheduled date.

Details of the service can be obtained by checking the website and by filling out their application forms. Email and website inquiries would be readily answered in a few minutes. They also have a professional customer service staff that is ready to answer all inquiries with precise information. In deciding which company to hire, it would also help the organizer to read some of the customer reviews and ratings found on the company’s website.